i wrote this in the night

i continually rewrite the same feelings over and over

The feelings, though, now

Are different and the same,


Because i feel so deeply, and i have always

I remember being small and feeling so big

But now these feelings,

Are so much more




It is like i have felt for so long –

But now i know.

I know why.

I have been infused with glory

From heaven above

Heaven above

Has come and made home in the concaves of my beating blood

And heaven has given me permission to be too much

Heaven has come

And given me permission to be, to be here.

To be here, seen

To be here, known.

I know that heaven hears my heartbeats

heartbeats beating with hope

A hope that does not cry out of desperation

But a hope that cries out of satisfaction

A hope that knows who she is

A hope that knows.

A hope that says

; wait.

Wait here, i am here,


I’ll be there,

as well.

A hope that says

“i am here – inside of the deepest place of your heart, and i know, and i hear, and i am here. please keep hoping

please keep dancing

please keep waking.”


Author: Elizabeth B.

Yo! I am Lizzy, lovely to know you. I like to write words.

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